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everybody loves a sale. :)

alex & asher. is currently offering a sale on some of our love-ly products.  whether it's one of our "love." red heart pillows or our cool "i love hipsters" plate you are sure to find something that will make your little valentine smile with joy.

aint' love grand?


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how is it christmas time already?
school just started. halloween just happened. and thanksgiving? *blink*
wow. time flies. :)
when you live in a place that has one perpetual season, it's easy forget how quickly time is passing...
i miss the signs.
no leaves changing colors, no barren trees.
no snow falling.
no jacket wearing or scarf tying.
no mittens or fur boots.
no smell of winter or chimney fires....
i know. i know. poor me.
the rest of the country is freezing their butts off and i'm here in my tank top, sitting by the pool trying to come up with something to write about in my blog. i'm just saying- it's hard sometimes to "feel a little christmas" when outside it feels like the fourth of july.
but wherever you are, whatever you're doing, i hope it's fun.
i hope it's full of laughter, gratitude and family.
i hope its full of giving and sharing and a whole lotta loving.
i hope it's very merry.
merry christmas and happy holidays!!

the sweet days of summer...

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the sweet days of summer...

bathing suits and flip flops.

lazy afternoons.

sleeping in.

books by the pool.

sand between your toes.

cookouts and campfires.

hiking trails.


the sound of crashing waves.

hanging out with friends.

dragonfly swarms.

meteor showers.

salty air and wind blown hair.

car trips.

movie nights.

porch swings and lemonade.

jumping through sprinklers.

farmer's markets.

swan pool floats.


ocean breezes.


board games.

carnivals and concerts.

blankets in the grass.

boat rides and jet skis.

 the smell of food on the grill.


tire swings and hammocks.

flying kites and riding bikes.


sunshine and palm trees.

bye summer!
thanks for the memories. 

march madness.

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march madness.
basketball never stops. 
not in our house anyway. :) 
i have made the connection in the past where i compare running my own business to having another child. my business is my baby.
i nurture it, i love it, i give it a lot of attention and hopefully it grows into a strong, independent and successful venture.
just like my children. 
i need to remind myself that it takes time.
watching my boys receive several significant awards as well as their SECOND varsity letters this past weekend,
i was so overwhelmed by what incredible young men they are.
not just on the court, but off it as well. 
they are smart, kind, empathetic, hard working and talented.
they are leaders. they are role models.
and that didn't happen overnight. 
hopefully alex & asher. can live up to it's namesakes...
in a world where so many people complain about their teenagers,
i live in an opposite reality.
i couldn't be prouder. more happy or more in love with the fine young men i share my life with.
anything worth doing right takes time and attention. whether it be your business, your family or yourself.
but sometimes i wonder if i can keep going.
starting a business takes a lot of work. a lot of perseverance.
a lot of patience and a lot of initiative. 
but then all i have to do is look up.
look up at my boys.
i am a cheerleader after all. :)
time to raise the pom-poms towards myself. 
...and learn from the best.  
xo tracie.

happy new year.

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get ready. get set. go!
yay! another year is ahead of us. :) 
 may it be another year full of laughter, love and success. 
 as each year comes to an end... i celebrate with a birthday.  
this year however, i felt a little differently. 
 i'll admit, my last couple of birthdays have made
me feel like i was getting "old".
 but not this year.

  it's tradition in our family to go out for a big fancy dinner and as i stared across the booth at my two incredibly handsome and HUGE teenage boys, laughing at each other, recalling a funny story from the night before, my heart filled with so much love and pride.

 as big as they are and as grown up as they've gotten... i felt young.  laughing and joking, i felt like i was hanging out with my best friends.

 and then i realized i WAS.

  every stage with your children is a new one, every stage brings it's own challenges, rewards and memories. every stage is meant to be inhaled, enjoyed and savored.  my boys are my greatest gifts, my greatest source of joy and my purest inspiration.

 being a mother has been the best journey of my life and i can't wait for the new year!

happy new year to you and yours!

 xo tracie.


a post about posters.

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our posters rock.
alex & asher. has posters!
we are so excited about our poster collection!
each super cool poster is printed on heavyweight epson matte paper and is beautifully framed in a 3/4 inch black wood frame.
they are totally lightweight and feature a shatter resistant acrylite front protector making them a safe addition to any nursery or children's room.
they will make any room a little more modern and hip!
my favorite way to group a couple to together to create a theme.
love these!!! 

birth announcement.

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a store is born.

welcome to the world of  alex & asher.    

hello there. it's nice to meet you!
so here's how the story goes…
once upon a time there was this artsy girl named tracie.
tracie was a girl who liked to paint.
she painted on walls, on canvases and
whatever else she could get her hands on.
she loved it so much she made a career out of it.
though she spent most of her time painting,
tracie had been known to fool around with pen and paper
from time to time.
they got along okay, but it was never anything too serious.
painting had always been tracie's one true love.
then one day, tracie felt the creative urge to sketch a bunch
of retro inspired illustrations and something inside her changed.
what started out as a casual fling,
was quickly becoming a great love affair.
tracie became obsessed with pen and paper.
next thing you know, she's drawing and drawing
and found herself head over heels in love….
and nine months later alex & asher. was born.
our philosophy at alex & asher. is laid back cool.
we believe life is supposed to be fun and friendliness rules.
we believe in the freedom of expression and the importance of art.
we believe everyone should be themselves because who you are is pretty awesome.
i love alex & asher. and now that it's here and ready for business,
my only hope is that you all love it too.
i hope we make you smile, inspire you to draw
and encourage you all to strut your stuff.
xo tracie