march madness.

Posted on March 17, 2016 by tracie brown | 0 Comments

march madness.
basketball never stops. 
not in our house anyway. :) 
i have made the connection in the past where i compare running my own business to having another child. my business is my baby.
i nurture it, i love it, i give it a lot of attention and hopefully it grows into a strong, independent and successful venture.
just like my children. 
i need to remind myself that it takes time.
watching my boys receive several significant awards as well as their SECOND varsity letters this past weekend,
i was so overwhelmed by what incredible young men they are.
not just on the court, but off it as well. 
they are smart, kind, empathetic, hard working and talented.
they are leaders. they are role models.
and that didn't happen overnight. 
hopefully alex & asher. can live up to it's namesakes...
in a world where so many people complain about their teenagers,
i live in an opposite reality.
i couldn't be prouder. more happy or more in love with the fine young men i share my life with.
anything worth doing right takes time and attention. whether it be your business, your family or yourself.
but sometimes i wonder if i can keep going.
starting a business takes a lot of work. a lot of perseverance.
a lot of patience and a lot of initiative. 
but then all i have to do is look up.
look up at my boys.
i am a cheerleader after all. :)
time to raise the pom-poms towards myself. 
...and learn from the best.  
xo tracie.



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