birth announcement.

a store is born.

welcome to the world of  alex & asher.    

hello there. it's nice to meet you!
so here's how the story goes…
once upon a time there was this artsy girl named tracie.
tracie was a girl who liked to paint.
she painted on walls, on canvases and
whatever else she could get her hands on.
she loved it so much she made a career out of it.
though she spent most of her time painting,
tracie had been known to fool around with pen and paper
from time to time.
they got along okay, but it was never anything too serious.
painting had always been tracie's one true love.
then one day, tracie felt the creative urge to sketch a bunch
of retro inspired illustrations and something inside her changed.
what started out as a casual fling,
was quickly becoming a great love affair.
tracie became obsessed with pen and paper.
next thing you know, she's drawing and drawing
and found herself head over heels in love….
and nine months later alex & asher. was born.
our philosophy at alex & asher. is laid back cool.
we believe life is supposed to be fun and friendliness rules.
we believe in the freedom of expression and the importance of art.
we believe everyone should be themselves because who you are is pretty awesome.
i love alex & asher. and now that it's here and ready for business,
my only hope is that you all love it too.
i hope we make you smile, inspire you to draw
and encourage you all to strut your stuff.
xo tracie

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