happy new year.

get ready. get set. go!
yay! another year is ahead of us. :) 
 may it be another year full of laughter, love and success. 
 as each year comes to an end... i celebrate with a birthday.  
this year however, i felt a little differently. 
 i'll admit, my last couple of birthdays have made
me feel like i was getting "old".
 but not this year.

  it's tradition in our family to go out for a big fancy dinner and as i stared across the booth at my two incredibly handsome and HUGE teenage boys, laughing at each other, recalling a funny story from the night before, my heart filled with so much love and pride.

 as big as they are and as grown up as they've gotten... i felt young.  laughing and joking, i felt like i was hanging out with my best friends.

 and then i realized i WAS.

  every stage with your children is a new one, every stage brings it's own challenges, rewards and memories. every stage is meant to be inhaled, enjoyed and savored.  my boys are my greatest gifts, my greatest source of joy and my purest inspiration.

 being a mother has been the best journey of my life and i can't wait for the new year!

happy new year to you and yours!

 xo tracie.


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