the OG. (original gangsta)

hi. do you know why i'm writing this post?

because they tell me having a blog helps your on-line store. it helps increase your presence so more people can see you and find your cool stuff.

great! except i'm not much of writer. i'm an artist.


but you need to blog!


you need to be able to write, draw, edit, market, manage, sell, organize, photograph, create, promote, package, mail, budget, code, design, buy, inventory...

you have to know how to do a lot things if you are going to run your own business.

or at least, TRY to do a lot of things. 


you gotta be the OG.


every day i try to learn how to do something new, or push myself to do the parts of my business i'm not crazy about.

so i'm writing for my blog today! ..because it helps with my SEO.

whatever the hell that is.


just kidding. i know what it is. i took a webinar... that's why i'm blogging. lol


i think i need a nap...

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