the sweet days of summer...

the sweet days of summer...

bathing suits and flip flops.

lazy afternoons.

sleeping in.

books by the pool.

sand between your toes.

cookouts and campfires.

hiking trails.


the sound of crashing waves.

hanging out with friends.

dragonfly swarms.

meteor showers.

salty air and wind blown hair.

car trips.

movie nights.

porch swings and lemonade.

jumping through sprinklers.

farmer's markets.

swan pool floats.


ocean breezes.


board games.

carnivals and concerts.

blankets in the grass.

boat rides and jet skis.

 the smell of food on the grill.


tire swings and hammocks.

flying kites and riding bikes.


sunshine and palm trees.

bye summer!
thanks for the memories. 

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