how i became a warrior queen

a few years ago, my son, max, fell in love with a smart, beautiful girl named alex. their relationship was a like fairy-tale come true and alex quickly became part of our family. when max passed away, alex had her own unique experience with grief, but the bond between she and i multiplied. we remained strong for each other.


i started to call her “warrior girl” as an homage to all the superheros max loved during his life. her strength and perseverance inspired me. i began referring to myself as “warrior queen” and together we became warriors... struggling to overcome our loss, yet bound and determined to rise. like warriors in battle, we faced our grief head on and kept fighting. we strive to live in a way that honors max, we want the whole world to know what an incredible person he was and what a difference his memory will make.


alex was my inspiration behind creating the alex & asher. “warrior collection”. 
it’s all about women empowering women and cheering on our inner warriors.  


to all the strong women out there… this one’s for you and your strength.