about us.

hi. my name is tracie brown. 
i’m an artist, mother, small business owner and bona fide warrior queen.
what started out as a project to create some really cool onesies with some fun, old school illustrations - alex & asher. quickly became a larger collection with all kinds of kid’s gear including pillows, plates and prints.  my little art project turned into a thriving business and we’ve been outfitting some of the hippest kids for the last several years.

 but recently, our mission has become much greater. my son, max, believed in kindness, non-judgement, inclusion and love. we have devoted a division of our company to his memory and his message. 

please visit our life tips section for more info and please consider donating to the max brown charitable foundation. - bringing people together through sports and music to make the world a better place - one act of kindness at a time. 

together we can change the world.  

xo tracie


*tracie brown is a graduate of the university of richmond robins school of business and has been a professional artist for the last 20 years. when she's not busy running alex & asher., she's in her home studio knee deep in oil paint or up a ladder painting wall murals. please visit traciebrownart.com to view a full portfolio of her work.